Friday, August 6, 2010

Zentangle Fever

Have you guys heard about Zentangle? It is a meditative drawing process which can be addicting. I recently sent some Zentangle books to my grandkids in Arkansas, they love it. In fact two of my granddaughters, Faith and Sarah have become very accomplished in this art. They have even begun to add their own tangles to their drawings. The friends and teachers they have introduced it to are fascinated as well. Recently they paid us a visit here in Texas and wanted to try some tangles on canvas. The results were fabulous!!

Both Faith and Sarah took them home to hang on their bedroom walls, they each have quite a collection of their own art pieces hanging in their rooms. I am so proud of everything they have created!

Faith was inspired by circle tangles she saw in the book 'Zentangle 2'

Kids love art materials. I always keep some inexpensive canvas in the studio for them to use. Children feel so much like an artist when they get to put their marks on a canvas. Next time the grandkids visit... surprise them... have their own canvas waiting for them to create art to hang in their rooms. You can always catch a sale on canvas of all sizes at your local craft store, Michaels, Joannes and Hobby Lobby often have 50% off.

Sarah was inspired by the use of color, she loves yellow.

If you haven't been introduced to Zentangle yet you can visit the official Zentangle site for more information. Amazon and Design Originals sell books on Zentangle, or just google Zentangle, there's lots of info on the web.