Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thrift store recycling.

Sorry dear readers I admit to having been in a technology slump the last few weeks. Honestly, I didn't realize it had been so long since I had posted. "My, how time flies when you are procrastinating".

Mixed Media group, hard at work!!

I have been involved in creating some of my own art and have attended a few classes as well. I belong to a local Mixed Media group. A lot of the members of this group are either Rowdy Grandmas or Rowdy Moms and are always giving me great ideas for arting and crafting. At the meeting last Saturday we all made jean purses from our old jeans, (the ones I brought were too small for me, a few claimed theirs were too large...yeah, right!!)

The beginnings of my jean purse!!

During the meeting we spent some time talking about using recycled materials in our art, such as the jeans. Mary Lynn, a fellow Rowdy Grandma showed us some items she has picked up at Goodwill. She purchases old pictures sold at thrift stores and reuses the canvas and frame for her own work.

Carla's purse with a decal she made of her dog and cat...so cute!!!

What a great recycling idea for all artists. In an older post I talked about taking the grandkids on trips to the thrift store and encouraging them to find something to use in their own art. I had not thought of looking through the old pictures..... kids love actually putting their work on canvas....this way it is already framed and if they like they can paint the frame as well!!

Remember bean and macaroni art? My next trip with the rowdies to Goodwill we will seek out a small framed canvas to fill with dried beans and macaroni...it gives them a chance to play with their food.

While at the thrift store pick up an old Tshirt and make a tote bag. My granddaughter Sarah and I did this a few months ago, next post I will share her Tshirt tote bag with you.

Please share your thrift store finds with me...I am always happy to have new things to search for when I make a trip to Goodwill, and would love to post some of your finds.


Cheryl said...

I love recycling old costume jewelry. I haven't done it in awhile but I've used them in some collage work I did for my family. Once I took and old campaign yard sign and covered in bits and pieces of masking tape, painted it purple, wiped it off, made grape clusters with some old purple marbles and made it into a piece for my sister's kitchen.
The midwest is making me a bit itchy to do some "recycled' furniture since people keep throwing out some amazing pieces but I have no room while I'm here and no way to get them back to Texas and still have a happy family. ;0)

Military Momz said...

What a neat idea! My son and DIL are here now. Surprised me! I was expecting them next weekend. I havent seen them since we flew out to CA to see them before he left to go to Iraq, so I am having a GREAT weekend and hope you are too!!!

Dancing B*a*g Lady said...

stopping by to say hi.