Friday, February 6, 2009

Folksy !!!

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting a great group of women, many of them grandmothers and some of them great-grandmothers. These ladies are members of the 20th Century Study Club in Justin, Texas.

I had been invited to their monthly meeting to share some of my pieces of American Folk Art, as well as some information about folk art styles. Wow, was I impressed when I learned this club has been in existence since 1938. This kind of group is what makes American communities so important, for over 70 years these ladies have gathered together to form friendships and to help strengthen their local community. There were some wonderful conversations concerning their own collections and remembrances of folk art that had been produced or collected in their own families. Thank you ladies!!

In an earlier post I suggested kids seem to be natural folk artists, they can turn just about anything into art if encouraged. I would also like to encourage our generation to think in that way. Folk art came about when “common folk” began to have access to mass produced goods. Instead of throwing things away they found a way to make use of them.

An old jar became decorative when it was covered with putty or clay and odd bits of beads, buttons and memorabilia were stuck to the sides.

Bottle caps became kitschy ashtrays when strung together with wire.

Fabric scraps from old clothing became a useful bed covering.

And, as we all know popsicle sticks can be anything!!!

In the next week I will share with you one of my favorite recycled projects. What do you do with old eyeglasses??? turn them into
Jeepers Peepers of course!!!


MarysMadness said...

I love, love, love memory jars! It sounds like that was a great meeting!

So cool that these ladies have kept that group going for sooo many years!

Thanks for sharing!

Cindy Shepard said...

I agree...kudos to the 20th Century Study Club...and Mary you can make some cool memory jars with all of your stuff!!!!

Shelby-WAHM said...

These are beautiful pieces of art. Kids just have a way of making the most of whatever they have to work with.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the Jeepers Peepers! I was just thinking about what I should do with my old glasses the other day. :)

Carolee said...

Those are sooo cool!

Terry Grahl said...

OMG!!! I love your jar!!!


Many Blessings,
Terry Grahl