Monday, February 23, 2009

"Go outside and play"

"Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives."......Thomas Berry

A swallowtail butterfly I raised from a pupa.

While I enjoy crafting in the studio with the grandkids I also make sure we spend time together outdoors. Funny thing is not all my grandchildren like spending time outdoors.

With all the computers, video games and the urbanization of our communities there is a new term being coined, "nature deficit disorder." A wonderful book about this trend was written by Richard Louv, it is titled Last Child in the Woods.

Most of us Rowdy Grandmas grew up at a time when we either lived on farms or in wide-open spaces or one our relatives we had plenty of exposure to tree climbing .....and idle time to spend in our clubhouses nestled deep in the vines and bramble bushes in the woods near our homes.

The natural world has a spiritual, calming effect on us. We need to feel the solitude, the wonder and the sun on our faces. But, think about it, constant contact and interaction is available to our grandkids.....can they stop texting long enough to look up at the clouds???......long enough to look out the car window???

I am a grandma so I accept the moniker "old fogey" gladly when I ask the kids to put their Wii, their cellphone, or their ipod down long enough to go outside with me to the creek behind our house and search for minnows, tadpoles and frogs.

No, this is not my creek...just a very peaceful picture.

Look at your own time spent with the rowdies and find ways to incorporate time outdoors....even if you have to yell..."go outside and play."


Military Momz said...

My youngest son, a video junkie, has actually been spending a lot more time outside lately, which is great!!! They have some game devised from which they received the idea from a video game, but it gets them outside and active!!!

Tina Morton said...

OHHHH GOOOD for you!!!! I hear you on that! My S-daughter asked me the other day if we could get a "tv" in our car.. I said NO WAY!!!! Look out side.. look at all the things you would miss!!! Life isn't about TV it is about the REAL world!!! :) We hate it when it rains and we can't get out to play!!! Keep up the good work!

heathermac said...

Way to go Rowdy Grandma. I hear you. We took the televisions and game systems from our home over 4 years ago. It was a battle at first, but totally worth the fight! Keep up the good work

Cindy Shepard said...

Wonderful to hear all the comments from you ladies....there is a real world out there!!....and the TV in the car does bug me.....look at all they miss seeing...and when they are constantly on the ipod look what they miss hearing!!

Carolee said...

We are "outsiders" who cannot understand how people can be "insiders." :)