Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trip to Maine

The coast of Maine is beautiful. I just returned from Lubec, Maine... the easternmost point in the United States. I have a good friend who owns a cabin there, it sits across from the Lubec Channel, and is very close to the very picturesque Quoddy Lighthouse.

Dylan and Taylor in front of Quoddy Lighthouse.

It was a real treat to get away from the near 100 degree weather we are having in Texas. I took a couple of the grandkids with me..(ask me about road trips with grandkids)!!

Rusty, not admiring the beautiful view of the Porcupine Islands as he stands on Cadillac Mountain in the Arcadia National Park...but yearning to play the golf course he can see from the mountain, he played it the next day.

My husband, Rusty, and I survived,(and so did the kids); we had a really good time seeing another part of the country.

Taylor standing on the roots of this wonderful old tree on Sand Beach in Arcadia National Park.

My next trip is to Arkansas for Rusty's family reunion and a visit with the grandkids in Arkansas. Hoping to get back to art making in July. My how time flies!!!

My idea of heaven!!


Cheryl said...

Wow! Cadillac Mountain was always a big outing for us when we'd go visit the grandparents in Maine. I think we must have a bazillion shots of us at the same spot your hubby is standing. Did you let the rowdies swim at the Bubbles? I turned blue from mountain stream water on more than one occasion there and LOVED it. Thanks for sharing. They're great shots.

Tina said...

Hi! I found you while bloghopping..your trip looked wonderful! We are headed to Colorado to beat the heat..and can't wait..Love your title of your blog too :)

artlover said...
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artlover said...

You've been awarded with Honest Scrap Award . I like your versatality and creative mind on your recycled project.
Check out 'Mixed Media Leap of Faith' for the award!

Mariette xox

Beverly Mahone said...

When I lived in New Hampshire, I traveled to Maine on occasion and you're right--it's beautiful. ALL of New England is beautiful in my opinion and if it didn't get so cold there during the winter months, I would definitely want to retire there. Thanks for sharing your pics.