Monday, March 2, 2009

A walk in the woods.

I visited the rowdies in Arkansas this past week. They have recently moved into a wonderful home near Cabot, Arkansas. To my delight it was full of wooded areas with ponds and creeks; even an old delapidated house where I was able to collect some rusty metal and bottle caps, broken glass jars and strange nests left by who knows what kind of insect, I guess it is a dirt dobber!! Wonderful material for my next mixed-media project.

update...ain't google dear spouse just told me these are pipe organ mud dauber wasps!!

Paula, my oldest was in the play, Steel Magnolias, at the local dinner the way she was fabulous!! It was a little snowy and cold so I was only able to take one good walk through the woods but it too was fabulous. Woods and creeks are my favorite types of walks, I love the feeling of being deep in the woods and listening to the sound of the water......Sarah was good company and a good tour guide...thank you Sarah!!

Oh...and who remembers Dearborn heaters, this was in the old house...I actually caught my housecoat on fire when I was a kid by standing too close to one of these!!!


Military Momz said...

Love the pictures! Speaking of Arkansas, my business is going to be mentioned in an Arkansas newspaper on Thursday. I am very excited about this.

Carolee said...

We have over 2 1/2 acres and I made darned sure we kept the woods out back. I love walking through the woods. At the bottom of the hill, there is a huge pond. I love seeing the trees the beavers have "sawed", as well as watching the ducks and geese that swim there. So much to investigate!

Pop Art Diva! said...

Oh, man, that nest is sci-fi/horror level spooky - if it was life sized it would be even scarier, lol.

Thanks for coming back and introducing yourself on the Saturday Soapbox at the PopArtDiva Retro Boomer Blog, I took the liberty of posting a link to this blog in my response.

Cindy Shepard said...

Absolutely it!!...In fact as I get better at this blog thing I will post more links many wonderful women with so much great information.

Eileen Williams said...

Looks like you all had a great time on your walk in the woods and found your share of treasures. Please take photos of how you use them in your art. As a non crafty type, I always admire those of you graced with the eye and the talent!

Mary Lynn said...

I grew up with Dearborn heaters, and I caught my nightgown on fire by backing up too close one cold winter morning.