Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a stake up!!!

Kids adore gardening. They love to plant seeds, they love to wear garden gloves, and they really love garden tools!! So if you are planning a garden make a point to get the grandkids involved.

I will tell you this (from personal experience)....depending on the age of the kid, planting seeds can take a really, really long time. Patience Rowdy Grandma, patience!! If you plant seeds you probably need plant markers...I have a tough time remembering what we planted where...the older I get the tougher it gets!!

Here's one stuck next to some dill and cilantro...we call him Herb!!!

The rowdies and I have come up with a great little craft to do in the spring when we plant our garden.

Rosemary smells heavenly!!

Plant markers from old scrap wood. The only other thing you need for this project is paint. The markers we have made are from six inches to a couple of feet in height. If you make them small in height they are really cute in potted plants.

This is another craft where imagination is key. The stakes may be painted only in bright colors with the name of the plant on it, or they may like the idea of painting their own plant on the stake. Kids love painting faces so they may want to paint a person or their own face on the plant marker.

People plant marker!!

Another cool idea for these sticks is to paint the face and name of everyone in the family...grandma, grandpa, mom and dad and kids and place them all together in the garden to create a family tree.

Lyndsey's people plant marker!!!

It is a good idea to spray them with an acrylic sealer when dry, they last longer in the garden.

As an alternative to scrap wood you could also purchase a strip of molding or other type of wood from the hardware store and cut it into strips.

After they are painted try wrapping them with wire and adding beads and other trinkets.

These have been in my garden for years!!!


Emily said...

Randomly found your blog and I LOVE this idea!!!

Cindy Shepard said...

Glad you stumbled upon me Emily....thank you so much for the comment. I do think these are the funnest plant markers!! have fun!!

Carolee said...

Those are too, too cool! As always, great idea!

BTW- Hop on over to my blog & put your link for The Ultimate Blog Party.

Beverly Mahone said...

Reading your post brought back some childhood memories of my parents garden. We had one in the back yard and I was always eager to go out and help plant the seeds. We grew tomatoes and green peppers (that I remember)

I now have a small flower bed which needs so serious tending to so I guess I could get my two-year-old grandson out to help me. That should be fun and will definitely require A LOT of PATIENCE!

Eileen Williams said...

What a clever idea and what fun you must have designing those fanciful and fabulous plant markers! I especially like making one for each member of the family. A great way to make your garden grow with lots of love. You go, Ms. Rowdy Grandma!

Betty Lynch said...

Cindy, I love your garden markers! Can I borrow your grandkids to plant me a garden?

Debra Stokes said...

What a wonderful idea! I just adore it! My granddaughters (only 2 for me - so far) are a bit young to garden (not really, but Nana's not ready for it!!!!). The painted garden stakes are a hit with us country girls!

Pam Archer said...

These are about the coolest plant markers I have seen, but even cooler than that is that you are making beautiful memories for your grandchildren. What a legacy!

Cindy Shepard said...

Thank you so much ladies!!

Karlyn said...

I love the stakes! What a neat idea. :)

Kathie M. Thomas said...

I love gardening too. Perhaps it's our age - we have more time, or take more interest, or something? I haven't got grandkids yet but I do remember spending time out in the garden with my grandmother which is probably where my love of gardening came from. I still look at marigolds and cannas these days and think fondly of my grandmother.

Tina Morton said...

You have just received a Kreativ Blogger Award!!! FOR BOTH YOUR BLOGS!! COME AND GET IT!!!!