Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monster root!!

We have had some big rains in Texas lately. When the rain pours the creek behind my house becomes a raging river. The coolest thing about this is a lot of stuff flows down this river. As the water recedes it leaves behind all kinds of junk, this is where I pick up most of my wood scraps.

cedar stump

This past week the grandkids from Arkansas visted us. While we were scavenging the creek we ran across these wonderful cedar stumps with roots.

cedar stump with gesso

I know I have been a good influence on the rowdies when we all have the same idea.....hey, let's turn this into a monster face!!! So we did. First step was to coat the wood with gesso. The gesso coat makes the paint brighter.

Sarah's monster.

Each kid then painted their idea of a monster on one side of the stump using acrylic paint, it became a three-headed monster.

Marshall's monster.

When the paint dried we applied a thick coat of varnish to protect the paint.

Faith's monster.

And, oh yeah I have two more of these to play with. I guess I will paint my own monster face!!!


Emilio said...


Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

Cindy Shepard said...

Thank you Emilio..it's been fun!!

Carolee said...

I love stuff like that! Looks cool in a garden, although I never thought about painting them. Pretty cool!

BTW, did I tell you about my new blog, Bloggers Connect? You can add your link, and have some fun!