Saturday, December 6, 2008

How to make a jewelry box from an egg carton

Know your egg carton.....some are great for this project...some are not. The pink one is your standard styrofoam, the blue one is a lumpy cardboard.


materials used

egg carton, acrylic paint, pencil with an eraser, circle sponge dabber
acrylic spray or brush on for topcoat, cotton balls, white glue, construction paper

Easy to do - paint the egg carton with 2 to 3 coats of paint and dry. Using a pencil eraser dab it into one of the acrylic paint colors and dot it onto the surface of the painted and dry carton. Add larger dots with the circle sponge dabber. Kids absolutely love dots, and my granddaughters love this pink. Let them put dots everywhere.....on the sides, the bottom....encourage them to use contrasting colors. When dry spray with an acrylic finish for durability. Be careful using spray paint on this type of egg carton, (they melt).......really!!!

My granddaughter added some of her artwork to the inside lid, a special surprise for mom. She used basic white glue to attach some black construction paper to the inside lid and then glued her art work over it. The black paper makes a nice frame for her work.

When all is dry use half a cotton ball and place in each egg section, or you might want to have some without cotton, better for earrings. We also used dry rice in two compartments to place rings so they can easily be seen.

Blue cardboard jewelry box

This egg carton is a little porous so it was first painted with gesso or white primer in order for the acrylic paint to adhere in one coat.
A teal blue paint was applied after the gesso was dry. The center picture is art from Ten Two Studios, the other images are from old magazines. Once the images were applied with white glue we put glitter around them. To finish the jewelry box it is a good idea to spray all with a clear matte acylic. For an extra touch an old costume earring was glued to the center of the lid.

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