Friday, December 5, 2008

Wow....I'm in the blogosphere!!

First off, why Rowdy Grandma.....cause kids like ROWDY!!!

My suggestion to all grandmas is become a Rowdy Grandma.
Rowdy gran
dmas yell with joy and often sing really loud when a favorite song comes on (even if they can't sing) me. fact my family teases me - when my son was small I would sing things like Zippity Do Dah, I don't want a pickle (Arlo Guthrie ...if you don't remember) and Santa Claus is coming to town.

He would say ...stop singing!!! Well, I tried the same thing with the grandkids - they all said ...stop singing...couldn't believe it!!

I am also a crafty grandma, my grandkids have been making gifts for Christmas and other holidays since they were of their favorites is to use an old egg carton and turn it into a beautiful jewelry box. If you have a grandson who poo poos this idea just mention how much his mom would love this gift from him - little boys love making a gift for Mom. Of course no persuasion is needed for the granddaughters...being girls they love jewelry and all things associated with jewelry.

....and, oh yeah....Rowdy Grandmas are messy and let the grandkids get messy.....if you have a grandchild that seems a little nervous getting paint on their hands be sure and tell them that's the fun of arting and crafting - a little paint on your hands. It is also a good idea to have an apron or some old clothes they can wear so mom and dad don't consider you a little too rowdy!!

......tune in tomorrow for instructions and ideas for an egg carton jewelry box you can make with the grandkids.....see ya then


MarysMadness said...

Great job on your blogs.

I tell my gbabies "I'm your crazy Nana, the good kind of crazy".

Keep up the good work!

Mary's Madness

lisavollrath said...

Blog on, RG!